Taiko Drumming

Hi every one!
On the 23rd of August 2011 our school had some visitors. Two ladies from a Taiko Drumming group came and performed for our school!  A Taiko Drum is a traditional Japanese drum that is played in groups o drummers! The two ladies that came and performed where very talented and I really enjoyed there performance!
I will try to put some pictures on as soon as I get them!
Thanks everyone

Pedal Prix

Hi everyone!
Today we had a 6 hour Pedal Prix race at Victoria race park in the city! It was sooo much fun! We split our team in half, so that half of us raced from 10am till 1pm and the other half from 1pm until 4pm! I raced in the morning. My fastest time was 2 minutes and 5 seconds! We all took it in turns, with quick pit stops. it was a lot of fun on and off the track. Our team did well and I can’t wait until the Murry Bridge race!
Bye everyone!

Comunity and Service

Hi everyone!
In school we have to get a certain amount of community and service hour throughout the year. This year I have to get 30 hours, but I can’t think of anything to do!
If you have any ideas please leave a comment!
Thanks guys!

The Band

Hi everyone!
Guess what! Some of my friends and I have started a band! We called it…. The 6th Sense! Cool eh? Anyway, our drummer is Connor (the band was his idea), Seb is our gutiarist (He’s funny), Aaron Is our pianoist (very quiet but still AWSOME!). Then there is Erin H, Erin G and me. We are the singers. Erin H + G both ROCK! Literally.

Anyway here is the bands block site: http://the6thsense.edublogs.org

Here are our band members blogs. I also have the members blogs on my blogroll. Enjoy!

Erin H-http://erinh13.edublogs.org/

Erin G-http://erin13.edublogs.org/




100 Word Challenge!

In our school computer time we have been talking about the 100 Word Challenge!
This weeks task was to write a 100 word story with this sentence beginer…

Everyone clapped and cheered apart from…

This week I completed the requirements!
Here it is! Give it a go your self!

Every one clapped and cheered apart from the three popular girls, Britney, Tracy and Beck, who sat at the front who seemed thoroughly annoyed at everyone clapping. I had a bad feeling that we would not be friends. I already new that being the new girl at high school would be hard. I pushed that thought away and turned back to the crowd that clapped and cheered. It seemed that I had now made a couple of hundred new friends. I smiled back down at the crowd despite herself. Little did I know how hard the next week would be.

Thanks everyone!


Hey everyone!
Do you ever have trouble sleeping? I know that I do! This is called Insomnia. Don’t worry it’s not contagious! This can be caused by several late nights in a row and your body getting used to clocking out late. Another reason is that you might not have done anything active during day time, therefore you have to much energy to sleep! Other times your brain is just to wired to shut down. If you have some ideas on how to fall asleep with ease, please leave a comment to help all of the Insomniacs out there!
Thank everyone!

Natural Disasters

Hello everyone!
In Class and for homework we have been given an assignment on Natural Disasters.
I have finished  all of the tasks except one. It is making a glogster. I have already put what a natural disaster is, what one of the most powerful Cyclone was (Cyclone Tracey),and the wind speeds.
But I think that I need to put a little bit more Information on.
If anyone has any ideas I would Really appreciate your help.
Thanks everyone